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Training for children on journalism conducted








May 27, 2015

Training programme on ‘Child Journalism’ has been organised to train children to report their issues and rights in Berhampur. Senior journalist Mr. Siba Kumar Das joined as resource person to facilitate child federation members – why it is necessary, how to make, what are the opportunities during this journey as journalism.

Child federation members got knowledge on journalism and it is a process to convey a topic, news, subject and information what a person or community experienced or got knowledge. This child journalism concept was developed because many people cannot get information due to non availability of proper communication and resources. As child journalism it can address the problems, issues the community facing, encourage children those have hidden talents, promoting children to write more and more and encouraging children to read more and more. So children’s federation members decided to develop a Wall magazine and they also named it “Aame Kahuchhu Aamari Katha”. They decided to publish this news once in a month in 30 slums. More than 70 children from 30 slums took participate in this training program.