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About Us:

Youth for Social Development (YSD) is a not-for-profit independent social research and development organisation aspiring to improve the lives of urban and rural poor in Odisha specifically the most vulnerable people, children, youth and women on issues related to governance, participation, youth and child development and climate change since 2006.


Southern part of Odisha has been the most poverty stricken district since decades. It has been experienced sever regional imbalance since a long time. These areas are mostly tribal dominated which are lacking access to better social infrastructure like roads, education institutions, health care facilities and better living conditions and also deficient employment opportunities for the poor and marginalized section. Lack of political will and people’s participation in public affairs are poor to meet the development challenge in these areas. To address these pressing issues a group of research scholars from Berhampur University has assembled during 2005 and formed an association named ‘Youth for Social Development’ this initially started as ‘governance research’ organisation and now grown as a professional grass root research and development institution. The main motivation to create innovative solutions to the serious development challenges in a right based approach in poverty stricken districts of Odisha with people’s empowerment and participation.

Our Vision

YSD envisions a just, equitable and sustainable society where all people have access to their social, economic and democratic rights and the capacity to achieve their full potential and lead a dignified life.


Our Mission
To facilitate sustainable social and economic development of marginalized communities in urban and rural Odisha through research, policy advocacy, participatory community action and people’s empowerment.


Our Focus
Youth for Social development focuses on promoting good governance and citizen participation that have direct impact on poor and vulnerable groups especially women, children, youth and the most vulnerable. These areas include; Youth for Social development focuses on promoting good governance and citizen participation that have direct impact on poor and most vulnerable groups especially women, children, and youth. These areas include; 

focus area


Our Core Values

  • Social justice and equity
  • Integrity and legitimacy
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Participatory approach
  • Commitment to service of vulnerable people


Theory of Change 

Theory of Change_YSD


Our Strategic Objectives

  • To promote transparent and accountable governance by creating space for dialogue between citizen and government to strengthen policy making at local and state level.
  • To improve basic services like water, sanitation, housing, health and education of the most vulnerable sections through citizen participation and dialogue with government.
  • To improve living condition of children; protect children from all kinds violence and abuse and enhance their capacity to participate in their own development.
  • To enable adolescent and youth for life skill development, encourage them to engage in decision making process through active citizenship and responsibility in public life.
  • To improve living conditions of communities in environmentally affected areas and promote community adaptive to climate vulnerability.