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The responsibility to achieve the vision of the Youth for Social Development (YSD), as it appears in the bye-law of the association, rests with the ‘Governing Body’. The Governing Body’s monitoring role includes engagement of the chief executive, evaluate his/her performance, preparing and approving the strategic plan, review the annual activities and financial plans and approve the annual budget and financial audits. The board generally meets four times in a year. The Governing Body consists of the following members


Mr. Lokanath Mishra
Master of Arts in Sociology
Development Professional and Activist


Mr. Deepak Kumar Pattnaik
Master of Arts Political Science and MBA
Management Professional & Social Worker


Mr. Bibhu Prasad Sahu
M. Phil. In Economics
Development Professional and Social Activist


Mr. Ajaya Kumar Sahu
Master of Arts in Education
Businessman and Social Worker


Dr. Srikant Patibandla 
Doctorate in Philosophy in Political Science
Development Professional and Social Work


Mr. Sunil Kumar Patnaik
M. Phil in Gender Studies
Management Professional and Social Work


Organisational Structure