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Child friendly housing demanded on occasion of World Habitat Week

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12 October, 2015


On the occasion of World Habitat Week, children from 30 slums celebrated by demonstrating their dream house and demand immediate provision of housing to all slums. More than 160 children presented and demanded the local and state government to;

(1) Provide housing and tenant rights to all slum dwellers without making any further delay, (2) Provide basic facilities like water supply, toilets, garbage collection, drainage, roads, open space (park), electricity, public toilet and community centre as per the provision of the housing schemes, (3) Make the houses ‘child friendly’ with adequate provision for children’s read, play and meet all safety standard like safe stairs, rooftop parapet wall, safe electricity connections etc. free from polluted area (crowded market place, industrial area etc.), climate resilient, proper evacuation of smoke from kitchen, use of renewal energy, underground electrification, proximity to school and AWC and green play space for children, (4) Ensure children’s participation and take their views during the preparation of DPR, planning and execution of housing projects


Slum Improvement Officer of BeMC Sri Sangram S. Panda has ensured that children in slums will be given priority during planning and development even though they do not have voting rights. He also promised to resolve children’s issues immediately on safe and healthy environment as and when come to his notice.