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Children meet senior officials to ensure their participation in town planning



July 25, 2015

Berhampur Children Federation members met Berhampur Development Authority (BDA) Secretary Mrs. Dipti Mayee Mahapatra and submitted a memorandum demanding incorporation of child friendly space in city planning, development schemes and governance. They raised the issues of poor neighbourhood and lack of basic services in slums in the city like water, sanitation, housing, public space (parks) and electricity, road and transport services.

They also narrated the child clubs and children’s federation in Berhampur, their activities, child led planning and requested to seek children’s views and opinion while city planning, in all development programs and urban governance. Children as the junior citizens and having poor living condition should be given equal chance to participate in all affairs of city development and make the city liveable for children with child friendly spaces. Among the children federation members Smruti Kumari Sahu of Raghupati Nagar, P. Puja of Pichpicha Nagar, Santosh Sahu of Jagannatha Nagar, Dandakalia Das of Gaudabandha Street, Puja Das of Ambapua, Swagat Das of New Khodasingi Bauri Street and Chandan Das of Dhimira Street are present and discuss with Mrs, Mahapatra.