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Children practices journalism to make their voice count



June 14, 2015


Children practised journalism to ‘make their voice heard’ specifically on issues of their living neighbourhood. Summer vacations made children and child clubs to engage, with an innovative activity to report their inner feelings and expose their inherent qualities of reporting to an activity, issues, their neighbourhood situation and their ambitions.

Children’s voice hardly heard, published in public forums and they even don’t get a chance to speak their feelings and what they think. And their participation is very limited in their communities and cities because they are invisible to the society, community and above all to the government. Article 17 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) acknowledges the important function performed by the mass media and encourages media organisations to disseminate information of social and cultural benefit to the child and to develop appropriate guidelines for ‘the protection of children from information and material injurious to his or her well-being’.

Children and child clubs are in the process of learning and sharing their views and opinions through variety of reporting actions like writing small poems, tiny essays, drawings, testimonies, pictures of their slums and funny things. This brings a lot of interest among the children and they are truly enthusiastic to do this repeatedly in their neighbourhood. Today the child club members demonstrated their potential expression skills through sticking their tiny writing pieces in public walls in 10 selected slums in Berhampur city. Community leaders, elected representatives and children inaugurated these pieces in their respective slums with a gathering of slum communities.