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Children’s demanded ‘child friendly’ in new urban development policies



September 7, 2015


City Level Children’s Federation, Berhampur here on its 15th federation meeting has demanded child friendly space in the recently launched urban development schemes like Smart city mission, AMRUT and PMAY. Children’s mostly living in urban poverty discussed their neighborhood issues like water, sanitation, housing, transport, electricity, and public space.


They demanded children’s views should be taken into account and their participation ensured in plan, execution and monitoring of new urban development schemes. They also demanded 6 hours of water supply with adequate pressure, toilet to every household and a community toilet in every slum, drains must be covered, supply of dust bin to all slums, access to public transport to all slums, 24×7 electricity supply, house with space for children to read and play (with child friendly indicators), setting up of children’s helpdesk (using ICT) in all public offices, regular police patrolling to all slums and include children in community policing, access to internet facility in all schools and also include children as an active participant than a passive beneficiary. There are 150 children from thirty slums and 27 child clubs participated in this consultation. They formed group to discuss each component on dimensions like problem access, quality, child friendliness, and safety etc. and affect of their problems to children and finally they come up with a list of suggestions. These suggestions will be shared with urban development department and officials at the centre and state also with the local government.