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Citizen Voice and Social Accountability Improved Sanitation Services in Ganjam, Odisha


Pratima and Saraswati are among the thirty women who fought to get their incentive money under the Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin scheme for more than 400 beneficiaries. They have constructed IHHL and using it since last one year but unfortunately their incentive money has not been paid due to bureaucratic issues, poor accountability and negligence of officials. They among with their fellow group members mobilized and trained on how to grievance and demand their legitimate rights with the local government and officials. They are now mobilizing other people of their village to construct toilet and also monitor the toilets of school, anganwadi centre and making their village Open Defecation Free.


The initiatives in Improving Citizen Voice and Social Accountability to Access and Quality of Rural Sanitation in Ganjam have been successful and the following are the results citizens achieved. (1) Letter of Permission issued to the beneficiaries (SBM-G)- 628 HHs (in 4 blocks); (2) 40% Beneficiaries have prevented for providing bribe to the local leaders and govt. official; (3)  4 School Management Committee(SCM) passed resolution for constructing the separate girls toilets in the school; (4) Beneficiaries received pending incentive money (SBM-G)- 468 (in 4 blocks); (5) Toilet (IHHL) construction completed- 897 (in 4 blocks); (6) Number of people complained- 112; (7) Schools maintained quality sanitation (access, cleanliness)- 21 (primary, UP, high school); (8) Anganwadi centre maintained quality sanitation (access, cleanliness)-  19 centres; (9) 2 Sarapancha approved for constructing the toilet at Anganwadi centre; (10) Number of people participated in ‘GP level task force’- more than 358 people in 3 blocks and (11) Number of people gained knowledge (entitlements, process, accountability, grievance lodge and RTI)-  more than 256 people in 3 blocks