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Know Your City Budget


About ‘Know Your City Budget Campaign’

The ‘know your city budget’ campaign is an initiative by civil society groups and activists working on governance and human rights issues in Odisha to attain transparent, accountable and inclusive budget by engaging citizens and government.


Context and Rational

Seventy fourth amendment act to the Indian constitution was made to shape three tier system of local governance with far more representation of local population and fiscal autonomy. Local governments provide basic public services to its people, it has power to generate revenue and receive grant-in-aid from state and central government to execute its policies and programmes. Bad performance of local governments, poor service delivery, and inadequacy of funds to meet development needs, lack of transparency and accountability and poor citizen participation are the major concerns and hindrances for social justice, inclusiveness and to achieve human rights.


Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BMC) being the oldest municipality in Odisha constituted in 1855 with a population of 0.38 million. The city has numerous problems and challenges which starts from poor service delivery to the weak governance and institutional framework, resulting in slow development. Provision of drinking water supply and sanitation is decade old problem, no organized drainage system, poor solid waste management, poor condition of roads, no transportation system, poor quality of basic services to slums, unavailability livelihood options, rising social exclusion, poor participation of citizens and slum dwellers, inefficient bureaucracy, low level of civic engagement, lack of political will and corruption has slowed down the development process.


We positively believe and it is imperative that the local government policies and budgets should be made public and transparent. Citizens has the right to know as they are the tax payers, can ask questions on budget allocation and track expenditure and influence government through participation for an inclusive, transparent and accountable budget.


Our goal


Our goal focuses to ensure local governments should make their budget open and inclusive. This requires

  • Disclose budget documents before its approval
  • Create space for citizen participation in budget
  • Better allocation for the urban poor and marginalized


Events: Workshop on ‘Budget Transparency and Participation’ on September 28, 2013 at 3pm On the occasion of ‘International Right to Day’ Youth for Social Development (YSD) with the Global Movement for Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation (BTAP) and, local civil society groups, activists, college students, youth, women and citizens to observes Day of Action ‘Make Budgets Public Now!