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What we do?


Policy research and analysis:

YSD carries out research, analysis and express people’s opinion using the Rights based approach at the grass root level to provide practical solutions to the development challenges and recommend policy improvement.

People’s empowerment and engagement:

We foster people’s participation through social mobilization, build citizen’s collectives, create awareness and build capacity of the citizen and marginalized communities on variety of issues using participatory tools and methods for adoption of replicable models of change.

Advocate for change:

Share evidence generated through research and demonstrates replicable development models to wider audience like policy makers, government and civil society and advocate for policy reforms and its efficient execution.

Networking and knowledge sharing:

Strengthen collective voice of the citizen, policy makers and civil society at various levels on various issues relating to the most disadvantaged section of the society, YSD also build alliance to influence for policy change and disseminate knowledge and organize peer learning to replicate ideas, innovations and facilitate collective action.



Our Focus Areas

1. Accountable Governance

2. Child Rights and Development- living condition, protection   

3. Basic Services- WASH, Education, Health, Housing and Land Rights  

4. Youth Empowerment- life skill development, active citizenship and         leadership  

5. Environment and Climate Justice 


Projects :

Ongoing Projects

  • Improving Maternal and Child Health Care Services (SDG target-3.1 and 3.2) through Citizen Engagement in Ganjam district in Odisha, India
  • Health Rights Awareness Campaign in Odisha, India
  • Creating community awareness on INSPIRE framework- seven strategies to end violence against children  in Ganjam district, Odisha India
  • Improving Citizen Voice and Social Accountability to Access and Quality of Sanitation Services in Rural areas of Ganjam, Odisha
  • Making Young Girls and Boys Aware of Reproductive and Sexual Health, Child Marriage and Trafficking through Sensitisation and Participation in Ganjam, Odisha
  • Campaign to End Violence Against Children- ending child marriage, child trafficking, child labor
  • Analysis of  Berhampur Municipal Corporation Budget and Priorities
  • Assessment of Basic Services and Urban Governance in Odisha
  • Right to Information Citizens Awareness Programme through ‘helpline’

Completed Projects

  • Improving Consumer Voices and Accountability in Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin (SBM-G)
  • Sensitising consumers and citizen on safe and sustainable (organic) food in Berhampur city in Odisha
  • Swachha Basti (Clean Slums) Campaign under Shrestha Berhampur Initiative in slums in Berhampur city
  • Slum Sanitation Needs Assessment in Berhampur City
  • Making Brahmapur a Child Friendly City, Phase-II
  • Making Khandapada a Child Friendly Constituency
  • Legal Awareness Programme through Helpline
  • Create Knowledge Platform on Renewable Energy
  • Social Audit of Performance of Members of Parliament in Odisha
  • Enhancing Capacities of Youth in Brahmapur, Odisha Slums for Secure Housing, Land Rights and Better Public Service Delivery
  • Assessment of Solar Energy Policy in Odisha
  • Making Brahmapur a child friendly city, Phase-I
  • Increased relief accountability in cyclone affected areas in Ganjam, Odisha
  • Community Engagement in fight against corruption and improve service delivery in Berhampur city of Odisha, Phase-III
  • Create with Purpose, Adobe Youth Voice Phase-III
  • Citizen Report Card in Brahmapur city of Orissa
  • Urban Corruption Survey in Brahmapur city of Orissa, Phase-I
  • Social Audit of NREGA in Ganjam and Gajapati district of Orissa
  • Enabling Citizen Monitoring of Public Services, Preventing Bribery to Foster Effective Service Delivery in Brahmapur city of Orissa, Phase-II
  • Social Audit of Implementation of Right to Information Act, 2005 in Brahmapur Municipality Corporation, Orissa
  • “Soochana Sivir” Right to Information Camp
  • Building Youth for Social Purpose, Adobe Youth Voice Phase-I and II
  • Promotion of Integrity Pact in Public Procurement in Orissa
  • Social Audit of Public Distribution System in Berhampur city of Orissa
  • Enabling Community Monitoring of Bidding Process of Rural Road Projects (PMGSY) In Ganjam and Gajapati Districts of Orissa

Project Completion Assessment Report

Youth for Social Development Report