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Centre for Local Government Budget and Policy Research

Vision and Goal:
YSD believes that there is a need to:

  • Analyze those government policies and programmes that impact the poor and vulnerable groups;
  • Introduce innovative dimensions of budgeting, policy formulation and performance mapping into the government machinery;
  • Develop new areas and innovations for demanding greater transparency and accountability in the government machinery and encouraging broader citizen engagement at the grass roots level.


Mandate and Activities:
Centre for Local Government Budget and Policy Research will dedicate itself to research on governance issues affecting the socio‐economic life of vulnerable communities where YSD is operating. The Centre aims to gain knowledge and conduct objective analysis on local government budgets and policies.
On a larger scale, the Centre will offer information, knowledge and skills to a wide range of stakeholders, e.g. government agencies, students, CSOs, elected representatives, public officials, media and the general public. The expertise and resources pooled by the Centre from both within YSD and external sources will help fill the knowledge gaps in governance and development work in Odisha.

The specific objectives of the Centre are as follows:

  • To assess local government budgets and policies, their implementation and impact on the lives of vulnerable communities in Odisha.
  • To facilitate agenda setting for good governance and social accountability through provision of research‐based information and analysis to policymakers, policy implementers, media and other stakeholders.
  • To enhance the quality and effectiveness of local public expenditure through discourse on local government budget and policy issues among civil society, government agencies and the public.



The Centre will employ four main strategies to achieve its aforementioned objectives.

  • Research
  • Resource Center for policy makers, media and the public
  • Strategic networking and partnership building
  • Internal capacity­building


Strategic Plan-2013-18


Making budget work for people

An analysis of Odisha state budget to the needs of poor 2018-19


Goal: Odisha state budget work for poor people, budget systems more transparent, and accountable to the public



  • To analyze Odisha state budget on perspective of  poor and marginalized
  • To advocate for increase budget allocation for the poor and marginalized section and sectors
  • To enhance budget information and knowledge among civil society and other stakeholders
  • To innovate new dimensions of citizen and civil society  engagement in monitoring budget spending


Response to the Odisha State Budget 2018-19

Press Release English Immediate Response to Odisha State Budget 2018-19

Press Release Odia Immediate Response to Odisha State Budget 2018-19