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Citizen Resource Centre (CRC) is promoted by Youth for Social Development, a NGO based in Brahmapur, Odisha working in the areas of promoting good governance, sustainable livelihood and citizen centric public policy. The ideation in promotion of Citizen Resource Centre is to create a space for the citizens to play a proactive role to improve all spheres of their life e.g. social, economic and political particularly creating an identity as a citizen, supporting access to and usage of information, promoting active and engaged citizenry where these would result in citizens competent, concerned and responsible social actor.

Functioning of the centre (but not limited to)

  • As an information centre
  • As a knowledge centre
  • As a guidance centre
  • As a monitoring centre and
  • As an action centre

What are the objectives of CRC?

  • Facilitating access to and usage of information
  • Promoting active citizenship and engaged citizenry
  • Practicing social accountability to ensure good governance.

What activities it conducts?

  • Disseminate and demystification of information
  • Conduct sensitization and awareness programmes
  • Conduct training of citizens


Presently YSD has two Citizen Resource Centers one is based/attached to the head office in Berhampur in Ganjam district and another is at Koinpur, Rayagarh block of Gajapati district.