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Featured Projects:

Making Brahmapur a Child Friendly City


“Making Brahmapur a child friendly city” a project funded by the Bernard van Leer foundation in which YSD has undertaken a thorough analysis of urban local government policies and budgets meant for the growth and development of children at the local level by empowering children and slum communities to demand improved policies, budget allocation and services to the poor slum dwellers in general and children in particular in Brahmapur city of Odisha. The urgency is to bring all these issues on the table by facilitating better civic engagement, citizen action, and dialogue between government and civil society with the end in view of improving service delivery. This will ultimately visualize the policies and programmes and budgetary allocations for children and on the other hand identify issues surrounded for children by brining children’s report card there by involving children, their parents and communities and setting agenda for influencing urban development policies for pro children and push for increased budgetary allocation by informing, mobilizing and engaging children, their parents and communities.


Project goal:
Improved pro children policies & governance and better living conditions with children’s participation in Berhampur city of Odisha


Project objectives:

  • To analyze child centric policies, programmes and budgets at the local government level
  • To assess the quality of public service delivery meant for the children living in slums and informal urban settlement
  • To engage communities specifically children and their parents to advocate for pro children policies and improved services for their physical and mental growth


Engage Youth for Secure Housing, Land Rights and Better Public Service Delivery in Slums in Brahmapur, Odisha


“Enhancing capacities of urban youth in Brahmapur slums for secure housing, land rights and better public service delivery” a project funded by the Youth Fund of UNHABITAT which aims to (1) enhance knowledge and skills of young people to take on leadership roles in their communities, (2) empower slum community organizations, (3) strengthen relationship between government and slum residents that enables constructive dialogue and access to information and (4) increase knowledge on slum development programmes like Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme (IHSDP) and Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojna (RAY) and slum communities in Brahmapur.


Project Goal:
The project expects to contribute to the development of young people in the slum communities of Brahmapur and to the improvement of the overall living conditions of slum residents through secure housing, land rights and better public service delivery.


Citizen’s Against Corruption in Berhampur city of Odisha

Petty corruption permeates basic service delivery in the city of Brahmapur in Odisha State, India. Youth for Social Development (YSD), undertaken a survey on different corruption issues at the local level in order to map magnitude, prevalence and possible entry points for civil society to hold the government to account and demand corruption-free service delivery. During phase one, YSD implemented the ‘Urban Corruption Survey in Brahmapur City’ -project and successfully raised citizen awareness. Phase two of the project concentrated on mobilizing the community and building capacity. YSD advocated on behalf of the poor and supported citizen monitors and communities to constructively engage with local officials. Based on the results of phases one and two, an extension of the project (phase three) was recommended and a new grant signed in 2011.


Project goal:
Minimize corruption and maximize citizen engagement in PDS, ICDS and Drinking Water services in Berhampur city of Orissa, India


Project objective:

  • To engage citizen monitor and civil society to monitor public service delivery (PDS, ICDS and DW) with the knowledge acquired during phase-2
  • To ensure qualitative and quantitative service delivery (PDS and ICDS) to the appropriate beneficiaries within the stipulated time
  • To promote good governance (transparency, accountability and participation) in Berhampur city of Orissa