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Evaluating of Public Policies concerning the poor and marginalized trying to modify development policies and paradigms to reach near their rights and aspirations and to accelerate the process of social change at the grass root level are the main objective of the center. Most of the government’s policies and programmes influence poor and vulnerable group in different manner it is high time to analyze them and introduce innovative dimensions of budgeting, policy formulation and performance mapping of the government machinery. The center is involved in building credible civil society coalition to monitor the process of governance and make it (SMART) Simple, Morale, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent through research, advocacy, lobbying, capacity building, awareness generation and public education.

  • Analysis of State Budget
  • Analysis of Local Government Budget
  • Monitoring of Budget
  • Expenditure Tracking

Current Project

  • Analyse child centric policies, programmes and budgets of Brahmapur Municipal Corporation in Odisha
  • Assess the quality of public service delivery meant for the children living in slums and informal urban settlement in Brahmapur, Odisha