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Bhubaneswar, 8th-9th May, 2015

Looking at the energy challenges in India and to explore potential ways and sustainable sources of renewable energy, this has been organised by inviting domain experts from a diverse groups institutions and individuals like from government, civil society, NGOs practicing renewable energy usage, academicians and private companies. The two day round table discussed on issues related to energy challenges, experiences and learning of renewable energy usage, accessible to the poor communities, government policies, role of different institutions and stakeholders and finally will find out the ways of civil society engagement.

Oxfam, India in association with Youth for Social Development (YSD) and RCDC organised this event. Prof. Yogender Kumar Yadav, Director, SSSNIRE, Govt. of India, Sri Panchanan Kanungo, Former Minister and President Odisha Electricity Consumers Association, Odisha, and Dr. Aurovindo Behera, Former Member Board of Revenue, Odisha participated as key guests. Mr. Akshaya Kumar Biswal, Regional Head, Oxfam India welcomed and shared the purpose. More than 95 participants presented in this occasion. The outcome of the round table benefit Odisha as well India by way of replicable and sustainable use of renewable energy best practices, role of various institutional and non-institutional actors and the ways to influence government policies to mitigate the energy challenges.