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YSD unveils 1st year performance of Odisha MPs in Parliament



June 29, 2015

The performance of 21 MPs in Odisha have remained very poor in the first year of 16th Lok Sabha. Only three MPs are able to cross score 30 marks in a yardstick of 100. Similar only 8 MPs are able to spend from their MPLAD funds in Odisha. A socials audit of MPs performance has been conducted by Youth for Social Development during the completion of first year in the 16th Lok Sabha. The basic objectives of the initiative are to map the performance of MPs based on their participation in parliament affairs and MPLAD fund utilisation, to understand their priorities of development and draw public attention for greater transparency and accountability of the elected representatives. The social audit process is limited to 21 MPs of Lok Sabha of Odisha for the period of 2014-15. Key parameters like attendance in parliament sessions, participation in debate, questions asked and finally utilisation of MPLAD funds. Ranks have been drawn based on their score a maximum of 100.

The performance analysis process is one of the instruments and testimony of our parliament members (MPs) that also stands as a key indicator of the healthy democracy and its legislative process. This social audit process of MPLAD funds was started by YSD during the end of 15th Lok Sabha. This small initiative tries to create greater awareness among citizens to bring transparency, accountability and better governance. In this press release all members of the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) and the research team of Youth for Social Development (YSD) were present. For detailed Social Audit of Perfromance of MPs in Odisha_16th Lok Sabha_Year-1